Nylund White Motorcycle Accident – What happened to Nylund White?

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Nylund White Death – Obituary : Nylund White has died of injuries sustained following a motorcycle accident that happened in the morning of  Sunday, September 19, 2021

Societyalert found out about the news of White’s death via social media posts made by Janet Gilmore and Amanda Garber

“Nylund was Connor’s (our grandson’s) best friend since they were in kindergarten. They grew up at each other’s houses. Nylund died in a motorcycle crash on Sunday morning. Our family is reeling. We send our love to his mom, Kelli MacIver White, his sister, Xenna, his father, Kevin, and to Connor and all his friends and everyone who were fortunate to have had him in their lives. This is an unimaginable loss.
You might know them, too. If you want to help his family there is a Go Fund Me (or more directly, his mom Kelli’s Venmo is Kelli-White-11)”.

“It’s really, really tough to post about this on social media. But I know that people can’t help if they don’t know.
Many of you know Nylund, Connor’s best friend since kindergarten, through our family or the greater Austin family. He was a Garber kid in all ways but blood and just one of the sweetest, wisest, most gentle souls you’d ever meet.
Early yesterday morning he was killed in a motorcycle accident. Somehow I can’t seem to put any more words together on that yet.
For now the only thing I know to do is try to help Nylund’s family while everyone finds a way to get through this. They’re as family as it gets as well. A fundraiser has been put together for them and is a really helpful way to show support if you’re so inclined. I’m attaching the link in comments below.
Please send lots of loving energy out to mom Kelli, dad Kevin, sister Xenna, and grandma Nanny (yes, we all get to call her Nanny because she’s that kind of grandma).
There are a gazillion out there but here are a few photos from over the decades, across the globe, and through many hair, height, — and hair height — phases.
(I know so many of other kids in them will appreciate even the crappy photos of photos.)
Thanks, y’all”.

Events leading to the cause of the crash were not made known.