Nomi Armendariz Missing – FBI and Las Vegas Paiute Police sought help to find missing teenager

Nomi Armendariz Missing – Authorities are growing increasingly concerned for the welfare of a missing juvenile.

The FBI and Las Vegas Paiute Police Department are urging the public to help locate a 15-year-old Nomi Armendariz, who may be in emotional distress and in need of medical assistance.

Nomi was last seen on Tuesday, October 26 at 5 a.m. near Wolf Street and Paiute Way on the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe’s Snow Mountain Reservation, about 25 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

Police describes Nomi as being a Native American Hispanic, who is 5’2″ tall, weighs 128 pounds, has brown eyes and black hair.

The family calls on the community to plead for her safe return.

Tapia Nomi’s sister said the 15-year-old left her home on the Paiute Reservation Tuesday, October 26 around 5:00 a.m. to go to school and has been missing ever since.

“When we wake up, we think of her, When we go to sleep, she’s the last thing we think about.” Tapia shared through emotion.

Tapia, and Nomi’s uncle, Nino Alvarez, call these actions out of character, so they’re terrified she’s with someone else and ultimately in danger.

“Someone is influencing her to do this,” Tapia speculated. “Someone is telling her what to do. She didn’t give us any kind of sign that this was going to happen,” Alvarez added.

Therefore, the family is calling on Las Vegas and Southern Nevada to come forward with any information that could help. More than anything, they hope to speak to Nomi herself.

Tapia said, referring to her sister. “You just tell us that you’re scared and that you want us to come get you, And we’ll come get you.”

The 15-year-old girl sister said they want to remind Nomi how much they love her and how they don’t want to face any kind of future without her.

“Nomi, just please come home.” Alvarez concluded.

Anyone with information on Nomi Armendariz or knows her whereabouts is asked to contact the Las Vegas Paiute Police Department at (702) 471-0844.


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