Nils Gronberg Death – Swedish Rapper dead in gang-related Shooting

Nils Gronberg Death – Obituary : Two suspects are being sought after for fatally shooting rapper Einar, whose real name is Nils Gronberg.

The Swedish rapper was born in Stockholm and rose to fame at the age of 16 when his song “Katten i trakten,” from his debut album Forsta klass topped the Swedish charts in 2019.

Sorces say the rapper’s shooting was gang-related, adding that Einar had received several threats in the past.

He won the song of the year award in 2019 and the newcomer of the year award a year later.

Swedish tabloid Expressen said that Einar’s songs often dealt with criminality including guns, drugs and violence and the rapper allegedly had strong connections with local criminal gangs.

He had been seen hanging out and partying with gang members.

A report by the Swedish national council for crime prevention said earlier this year that Sweden is the only European country where fatal shootings have risen significantly since 2000, primarily because of the violent activities of organized gangs.

Einar Death – Obituary :