New York shooting halted by armed passerby

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According to reports, a shooting was halted by an armed citizen in New York.

The local DA stated, “this armed citizen saved countless lives.”

Reports says an armed gunman was threatening those around him and then went ahead to   firing at a group of people who then were starting to running away.

A passerby, who was legally carrying a handgun, saw the shooting and returned fire, striking the gunman and eventually killing him.

“This passerby managed to navigate the extremely complex New York legal system in order to get a carry permit, had the mental fortitude and accuracy required to save the day and ended up being the hero in this story,” the DA added.

In life you get to make fewer choices than you realize, one choice you do get to make is whether or not you will be a victim. The headline here could have easily been “X Dead in New York Shooting” and the mainstream media would be covering it, but our passerby chose not to be a victim and stood up for himself and those around him.