Neil Grantham missing Lexington SC – Lake Murray missing Boater

Neil Grantham missing Lexington SC – Search continues for 36-year-old missing Boater from Lake Murray.

SOUTH CAROLINA, US State – A 36-year-old Boater male has been reported missing from Lake Murray. Neil Grantham who is also known as David was last seen the morning of October 26th, 2021 at the Lake and was reported missing shortly after. He was said to have taken off in his boat from SouthShore Marina off Highway 378.

Multiple sources say the family of Neil has expressed worries at his disappearance. An aircraft spotted Neil Grantham’s boat off Spence’s Point hours after he went missing but Grantham wasn’t on it.

Jordyn Martin wrote on a Facebook post “If you LIVE ON LAKE MURRAY PLEASE LOOK IN YOUR COVE or nearby!!! This is my brother-in-law, please pray for my sweet sister Alison and that we find Neil safe.”

Neil Grantham description:

The 36-year-old is described as an adult White male who has brown hair and brown eyes. He is of a medium build weighing approximately 1235 pounds and is approximately 6’4″ feet tall.

The last known clothing description of Neil was not given. Distinctive features and birthmarks were also not given.

Search for Neil Grantham:

Authorities began searching for the Boater after he was reported missing. The search was headed by the Lexington County deputies and was assisted by other search teams. An aircraft was used in the search which reportedly spotted his boat.

During the search, his boat was found by the Sheriff’s Department’s dive team ear Spence’s Point but Neil remains missing.

A Facebook post by Wendy Grigsby reads “Lost on Lake Murray. Apparently, the boat has been found NEAR SPENCE’S POINT but the driver still missing.”

Neil Grantham found:

There is no information stating that Neil has been found and he remains missing at this time.

However, this post will be updated as soon as there is information stating otherwise.

Help find Neil Grantham:

To help find Neil, you can share this post on our Facebook and Twitter to create awareness that he is missing. Creating awareness is a vital tool in finding a missing person.

Anyone who has seen or heard from Neil Grantham since the reported date or has information that can help find him has been asked to call Mr. Grantham, call Detective Hart at 803-862-7667.