Naples zoo tiger attack video leaked – Rescue video, Carole Baskin posts ‘Tiger King’ TikTok, other details

By | January 1, 2022

The only tiger in the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens was shot and killed by the deputy of the Sheriff of Collier. He tried to rescue a man with his arm in the tiger’s mouth. According to the sheriff’s report, the 26-year-old Naples (River Rosenquist) was a contract employee of a third-party cleaning service company.

A few hours later on Wednesday, he climbed over the fence and tried to feed or pet the tiger. Cleaning staff should be restricted to the zoo’s toilets and gift shops, and are not allowed to enter the animal enclosure.

To rescue Rosenquist, the deputy sheriff shot and killed an 8-year-old male Malayan tiger Eko. With less than 200 Malayan tigers in the wild, Eko came to the zoo about two years ago as part of a plan to secure the tiger’s future.

In the body camera footage released by the Sheriff’s Office on Thursday, Rosenquist screamed, “Please, please help me, please,” and then pointed painfully as the representative of Collier County approached the tiger fence. Call.

Naples zoo tiger attack video leaked – Rescue video, Carole Baskin posts ‘Tiger King’ TikTok, other details

This terrible video seems to show that when Rosenquist leaned his body on the fence, the tiger’s chin was wrapped around Rosenquist’s arm, his body was leaning on the fence, his legs in the air, and his shoulders in the mud.

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Investigation: Naples Zoo supports the decision of the Deputy Chief to shoot and kill the rare Malayan tiger; launch a probe

On Wednesday, December 28, 2021, at the Naples Zoo in Caribbean Gardens, an 8-year-old Malayan male tiger Eko shot him to death in the deputy of the Sheriff of Collier, trying to save humans from the tiger’s mouth. come out.

The adjutant heard no one and shot a tiger.

The Naples Zoo supports the decision to shoot the tiger after the attack
Zoo officials stated that they fully support the decision of the Deputy Sheriff and the Sheriff’s Department to shoot Eko.

Although the zoo has an armed response team, the incident occurred approximately two hours after the zoo was closed that day and the public left.

“In that case, our deputy did everything he could, and he finally made the only possible decision he could make to save this person’s life,” Sheriff Kevin Lambsk Rambosk) said. “This is a tragic experience that occurred in our world-class zoo facility. We value our community partnership with the Naples Zoo and their focus on conservation and education.”

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Naples Fire Department, and Collier County EMS assisted in rescue and investigations.

Courtney Jolly, director of marketing and public relations at the zoo, said Rosenquist works for HMI Commercial Cleaning.

Jolly said that the man apparently climbed a 4.5-foot fence and approached the tiger’s habitat. Jolly said there were no cameras near the fence to record the incident. The 911 call was made at 6:30 pm, when the zoo was closed.

According to state records, HMI Commercial Cleaning was established in January.

These records list Stacy Heidel as president of the company and Steve Heidel as vice president of the company, with an address in Bonita Lane, Naples. Attempts to contact them to comment on the accident or their injured employees were unsuccessful.