Mum, 34, shot, killed by man trying to kill former school bully

Mariela Marquez Death – Obituary : Authorities said a 34-year-old mum is dead after being shot in the head by a man trying to kill a former school bully.

Cleaner Mariela Marquez was accidentally killed when she walked into a stray bullet while working in an office, reports said.

29-year-old Geronimo Helguera shot and killed Marquesz as he reportedly tried  hunting down a former school pal in the town of Yerba Buena, Argentina.

Witnesses told the police the man was carrying a gun and seemed out of his mind at the time of the shooting.

Mariela was rushed to Hospital Padilla on Wednesday with critical injuries but sadly died the following day.

Helguera had allegedly been trying to track down and murder someone by the name “Ledesma”.

Judge Isabel de los Angeles Mendez referred Helguera for a mental examination and was later admitted into Obarrio Psychiatric Hospital.

Mariela’s brother-in-law, Gustavo Campos, said she cleaned offices, buildings and galleries “so her children were never left lacking anything”.

Former classmates confirmed Helguera and Ledesma had gone to school together but don’t recall any problems between the two.

The suspect’s assigned lawyers, Ernesto Basclini and Camilo Atim Antuni, highlighted that he had “been on medication for a long time” and described the incident as “a real tragedy”.