Multiple apartments hit by gunfire in Northglenn

An investigation is ongoing after multiple townhomes were hit by gunfire early Sunday morning in Northglenn, police said.

It happened at approximately 4 a.m. at the Pinnacle Creek townhomes at West 112th Avenue and Huron Street.

Several apartments had multiple bullet holes in them. No injuries were reported.

“I got six, my front door has a bullet hole in it that goes through the outside door and all the inside door and then the ceiling,” said Carol Ingwersen, who has lived at the complex for seven years.

When Ingerwsen heard the gunshots early in the morning, she thought something had fallen off of the cupboards or her bookshelves instead.

“Then all of a sudden I see the police cars and the lights and everything. So I opened my door and came out and asked what was going on,” Ingerwsen said.

She learned later that hers was one of multiple units hit.

She said she has never encountered anything like this in all of her years living in the building.

Other neighbors recognized the sound right away, and were startled after the first bullet rang out.

Police are yet confirm any additional information about the circumstances surrounding the shooting.