Is Moti Brothers Found Dead? – What happened to the Moti Brothers

Moti Brothers Found Dead – Death – Obituary: Are the four brothers kidnapped in Polokwane dead?

POLOKWANE, South Africa – The brothers who are 15-year-old Zia, 13-year-old Alaan, 11-year-old Zayyad, and 6-year-old Zidan were allegedly kidnapped in Polokwane on Wednesday on their way to school.

Report says on Wednesday at about 7 am when the family’s driver was taking the boys from their home in Nirvana to their school, Curro Heuwelkruin. On the way there, the BMW was forced to stop by a group of seven heavily armed men wearing white overalls in two cars, a white Kia Sorento and a black Mercedes-Benz.

They approached the vehicle and fired shots. The Moti children were forced out of their parents’ BMW and into the attackers’ car. The attackers sped away. The Moti family’s driver wasn’t harmed in the incident.

Moti Brothers Update!

There has been a rumor of the death of the Moti Brothers, however, there is no information at this time saying the Moti Brothers have been found dead and they remain missing.

The police have also urged people to stop spreading fake news regarding the case as this can be detrimental to the progress of the case.

This post will be updated when there is more information.

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