Missing Swimmers Lake Travis – Who are the missing swimmers in Lake Travis ?

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Missing Swimmers Lake Travis – Authorities are searching for two unidentified swimmers who went missing in lake Travis near the Hurst Creek Arm inlet on Saturday.

Texas, U.S – Authorities are searching for two missing swimmers in Lake Travis.

According to reports, the swimmers were said to have been swimming in the lake on Saturday, August 28th 2021. An unidentified person made a call to the Emergency personnel to reports the missing at about 5:34 pm that day.

Lake Travis is located at the Colorado River in Central Texas, U.S. At its’ widest point the lake is 4.5 miles, spans 63.5 miles, and is almost 19,000 acres in area. Today, the lake is a favorite destination point for visitors from all over Texas and beyond. Boaters, swimmers, fisherman, and water lovers alike come back year after year to enjoy it’s natural beauty and scenic landscapes. The residential community has grown and with it also a thriving environment for commercial and retail businesses.

The ATCEMS responded to the call immediately and arrived at the scene. They reportedly began search for the missing swimmers. The search was said to be an extensive one as the rescue team searched for hours and still did not find the missing swimmers.

Authorities said the search has now turned from what originally was a rescue search into a recovery search as they believe the swimmers might have drowned in the lake.

At the time of this report, the swimmers whose identity remains unknown has not been found. This post will be updated as soon as they are found.