Missing Person Jelani Day – Jelani Day missing update

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Missing Person Jelani Day – Mother of missing Illinois State University student seeks help in finding him after a body was found in Illinois River.

Mother of missing Illinois State University graduate, Bolden Day is appealing to the public to help in the search of her son who has been missing since August 24th 2021.

Jelani is a 25 year-old is said to be from Danville. He is a student at Illinois State University. where he reportedly studied to be a doctor. Jelani was said to have gone missing under unexplained suspicious circumstances. He was reportedly seen last on Monday, 23rd of August and was reported missing on Wednesday, August 25th.

What are authorities doing to help find Jelani day?

Authorities started search for the missing 25 year-old after he was reported missing.

The Peru police officers searched the areas where he was seen last and his vehicle was found on Thursday, 26th of August hidden in a wooded area south of the Illinois Valley YMCA. the vehicle was said to be a white 2019 Chrysler 300 with license plate CH74067.

An extensive K-9 search by Illinois State Police, drone aerial searches by Peru Fire and Utica Fire drones, and a ground search by teams from Peru, Utica and Oglesby Fire Departments.

The police are continuing search for the Jelani and are appealing to the public to join in the search of the missing man. They urge anyone who knows something to contact them.

Investigation for the missing 25 year-old continued and a footage was released where he was seen wearing a blue button-up collared dress shirt, black pants, black belt, black dress shoes and a blue face covering.

Body found in Illinois River:

Reports says, on Saturday, September 4th 2021 a body was found in the banks of Illinois River and is suspected to be the missing 25 year-old.

However, identification of the body is yet to take place and Bolden, believes the body isn’t that of her son.

Bolden reportedly says the search for Day has slowed down after the body was found and is appealing to the public to help in finding her son. She said “The updates are very slim. I don’t feel like I am getting the help that I need, I feel like since this body has been found, and as I said it is unidentified, I don’t truly believe that it is my son. It appears that help has ceased so I’m imploring, pleading, and asking that the police still pay attention, still look for my son as vigilantly as they were prior to finding this unidentified body.”

Jelani Day description:

The 25 year-old has been described as a Black male who is approximately 6’2″ feet tall and weighs about 180 pounds. He is said to have black hair and brown eyes.

No distinctive features or birth marks has been given.

Family of missing 25 year-old, Jelani Day are now asking the help of the public in finding him. They appeal to anyone with information to contact the family’s private investigator at 618-223-0044. Bloomington Police at 309-820-8888, Peru Police Detective Commander Dennis Hocking 815-223-2151 extension 2804.

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