Missing Greece Migrants – Search continues for Dinghy migrants

Missing Greece Migrants – Authorities continue search after Dinghy carrying Greece migrants to Turkey sinks.

ATHENS, Greece – Seven people are currently missing following the sinking of a dinghy that was reportedly transporting migrants from the coast of Turkey today.

According to the report, a search is ongoing following the incidence. 20 people have reportedly been rescued and seven remains missing.

The search is being carried out by the Greek border coast guard with the assistance of the EU border protection agency, Frontex. The search was carried out using a rescue helicopter and two coast guard vessels. Private boats are also been used.

A news release by the StarTribune said “Greece was the main entry point for refugees and migrants entering the European Union during the 2015-16 crisis but the number of arrivals has dropped sharply over the past two years in part due to tougher policing measures.”

This is a developing story and it will be updated as soon as there is more information.