Missing Flying Tiger Flight 739 – Disappearance of Navy personnel in Flying Tiger Flight 739

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Missing Flying Tiger Flight 739 – What happened to personnel missing from Flying Tiger Flight 739?

A memorial was recently carried out for the missing persons of the Flying Tiger Flight 739 plane crash. The crash reportedly happened on March 15, 1962.

According to reports, the flight had on board Navy personnel who were on a covert mission in Vietnam was said to have made stops at Honolulu, at Wake Island Airfield and on Guam . It was said to have departed from it’s last stop at Guam headed to Clark Air Base in the Philippines on the said date of Saigon.

Extensive search was carried out over the years for the missing officials but it turned up nothing. The search for Flight 739 eventually would be shortened by the so-far equally unsuccessful search for Malaysia MH370. The surface search for that missing Boeing 777 was said to covered over 4,000,000 square kilometers. A search and survey underwater was also carried out but it turned up nothing.
The flight was said to have disappeared without a trace somewhere over the Western Pacific and has been missing since then. Till now there is still no clue regarding what happened to the people on that flight.

The names of the personnel on the flight was encrypted on a wall and a mass burial without their bodies were carried out.

A memorial was carried out in Maine with over 250 relatives of the victims in attendance. This they believed may have helped ease the pain of the families.

Marie Mull, 82 year-old who lost her brother, Sgt. Clarence Ganance of Rensselaer, NY in the flight disappearance said “The memorial ceremony offers some closure, We’ve always wondered what happened. . probably always will.”

The Civil Aeronautics Board investigation said in 1963 that “A summation of all relevant factors tends to indicate that the aircraft was destroyed in flight. However, due to the lack of any substantiating evidence the Board is unable to state with any degree of certainty the exact fate of N6921C.”

Everyone till date still wonders what happened to that flight and the people in it. However, that question might never be answered.