Missing Florida Woman – Missing female found in Delray Beach Sewer system, Florida

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Missing Florida Woman – Report say a missing woman was rescued by the authorities on Tuesday, After she was found naked and weak in a storm drain.

The 43-year-old woman is recovering in the hospital after she was trapped in Delray Beach Sewer system, she was rescued 3 weeks after her boyfriend reported her missing from a different Florida county.

The woman told the Police that she had been down there for 20 days after she got lost swimming in a canal, She then wandered about in the sewer till she got rescued, But the Police are not really convinced about how long she has been there.

According to reports She said she went swimming on the same day her boyfriend reported her missing, while swimming, she said she came across a doorway in a shallow part of the canal which took her into the sewer system. She also said she was curious about where the tunnel led and she became lost when she was just entering different tunnel.

Report say she noticed people walking by and decided to sit, Eventually she yelled at a passerby for help, “There’s somebody stuck in the sewer over here”, it was that passerby that called the police.

Different Authorities responded to the scene on Tuesday Morning and they were able to extract the woman, She was immediately taken to the hospital for medical attention.

Ted White, public information manager for Delray Beach Police Department, said there was some skepticism among the police department that she was actually down in the sewer system for as long as she said she was.

“The health officials don’t believe that she was down there for that long, From their perspective, they think maybe days, but certainly not weeks.”

According to Police report the Woman has a history of mental illness and drug use. Her mother even said her daughter has a history of “doing odd things and making bad decisions when she is high on drugs”.