Missing Bob Harrod – Where is this Placentia man

Bob Harrod missing – Help police locate 81-year-old man missing from Placentia since July 2009.

Bob Harrod, 81 year-old was reported missing from Placentia, California.

What happened to Bob Harrod?

The question of what happened to Bob cannot be fully answered at this time. However, what we know is that his last known contact was with his son-in-law on Monday, July 27th, 2009.

According to report, Bob was last seen in his home at 522 Carnation Drive, Placentia, CA. The family of the missing man has expressed deep worries about his disappearance over the years and is still seeking answers.

The 81-year-old is said to have a bad knee and might experience difficulty in walking far as a result. He has no known medical condition.

Investigation Discover’s Disappeared featured the story of Bob’s disappearance in April 2013. It was tagged ‘Long Lost Love’.

Bob Harrod description:

The 81 yaer-old is described as an aged White male who is approximately 5’9″-5’11” feet tall and weighs about 160-165 pounds. He has bald grey hair and blue eyes.

The last known clothing description of Bob was not given. Distinctive features were given as glasses which he usually wears. He has no scars or birthmarks.

$50,000 reward:

A reward of $50,000 has been offered to help find Bob.

The reward is open to anyone who has information that can help find him.

Help find Bob Harrod:

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Anyone who has seen or heard from Bob Harrod since the reported date or has information that can help find him has been asked to call Detective Dave Radonski at 714-993-8176.