Missing 6 year old – Has Legend Mourning, boy missing from Guildford, New South Wales been found?

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Missing 6 year old – What happened to Legend Mourning, boy who went missing from Guildford, a City in Australia who went missing since July?

New South Wales, AUS – Legend Mourning, 6 year-old was reported missing by his family to the Calvert police department. He was reportedly seen last in the morning of July 10th, 2021.

According to reports, Legend was taken from his home by his biological and non-custodial mother, Johnell Hickman at about 6:00pm on July 10th, 2021.

The 6 year-old who lives in the 600 block of West Mitchell in Calvert, Texas was believed to have been abducted.

Search for Legend Mourning:

The Calvert police department commenced search for Legend immediately he was reported missing. There was a reported sighting for both in a black four-door sedan.

Authorities also asked the help of the public in finding the 6 year-old as they believed him to be in danger of death as he was said to have suffered serious bodily injury.

Legend Mourning description:

The 6 year-old has been described as a Black male with brown short hair and brown eyes.

No distinctive features or birth marks were given.

The last known clothing description of Legend was given as a red and blue Spiderman shirt, blue shorts, and one green/blue shoe.

Legend Mourning found:

After over a month of searching for the 6 year-old, he was reportedly found safe in August.

According to a press release made by the police on Monday, August 30th the boy was found safe and well in  Brazos County.

The circumstances that surrounded his disappearance was not given.

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