Minex Kimora Death – Child shot and killed in buea by a gendarme

Minex Kimora Death – Obituary : Authorities said a child has been shot dead this morning in buea by a Gendarme.

According to reports, the child was with her mother and younger siblings this morning in the car, when their mother was driving them to school.

A gendarme stopped them and said he wanted to check their car and after checking he started creating a motif to extort money from the lady and she got angry and drive off.

The gendarme got and and shot the car, unfortunately the bullet scattered her eldest child’s head identified as Minex Kimora that was in the car around Bwitingi, Buea.

Detectives said the gendarme was asking for 500 frs from the woman.

Inhabitants of Buea have reportedly beaten the suspect to death.