Milton Soliver Missing – Dominican singer missing in Mexico

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Milton Soliver Missing – Milton Soliver, a Dominican singer left his job in Tijuana on August 28, 2021, according to report and have not been seen or heard from since then.

According to Gleni Soliver, the sister of the missing person, went on her social media to appeal for public assistance in locating him as he has been missing since 28, August after he left his job.

She shared his Instagram account as @milt_e_ilean_soliver and added that he lives in Tijuana Mexico.

Gleni Soliver, the sister said that Soliver, break into music as a bachata singer with appearances at events in Baja California and Tijuana, Mexico, currently he and his wife have a funeral home called YanZa and also work in a traveling hardware store.

“You can call 829731512 by WhatsApp or talk to the Mexican consulate that they are aware of. We have already filed the complaint and I hope that they can at least share and help in their search ”. She added.