Milpitas shooting today – hundreds takes refuge in shopping mall

Milpitas Police Department was investigating Saturday a shooting incident, hundreds of people took refuge in a shopping mall in Milpitas.

Officials responded to a shooting report at about 5.16 pm. Investigation shows a 22-year-old San Francisco resident had a non-life-threatening wound.

After several hours of investigation, detectives from the special investigation team confirmed that the 22-year-old man had self-inflicted wounds and was not involved in any type of violence.

The police said in a statement that when people were safely evacuated from the mall, the store was asked to take refuge on the spot. Due to an unrelated medical emergency, the two were taken to a local hospital.

Witness Angelo Palma said that he and a friend were attending a church meeting and decided to go shopping. He said they saw someone running when they were in Colombia.

“We started running,” Palma said. “Everyone started to run.

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