Mike Milwaukee Obituary, What happened to Mike Sherwood Milwaukee? Cause of death

By | January 11, 2022

Mike Sherwood Milwaukee Obituary, Death, Cause Of Death – Super sad to hear this news but appreciate the musical celebration. Under his shit-talking exterior Mike was a sweetheart and incredibly kind to me when I moved back to Milwaukee in my early 20s. He will be missed. I planned to listen to Archers of Loaf, Jesus Lizard, and Slayer all day in his memory but Bill has it covered.

It seems surreal to have to come up with the words to make this post. Our friend and coworker Mike Sherwood has passed on. Mike has been with Corazon since day one. If you’ve ever drank a margarita at the restaurant, there’s a very good chance he made it for you. If you sat at his bar, it wasn’t hard to become his friend. And if you were his friend, he wanted to introduce you to his other friends.

He liked good people and facilitating a good time. No frills, no gimmicks. He was the real deal. He loved dogs, golf, baseball and his friends. He truly was, and always will be Bay View’s Sweetheart. We love you Sherwood. You will be missed more than you would ever know.

Super triste d’apprendre cette nouvelle mais j’apprécie la célébration musicale. Sous son extérieur bavard, Mike était un amoureux et incroyablement gentil avec moi quand je suis retourné à Milwaukee au début de la vingtaine. Il va nous manquer. J’avais prévu d’écouter Archers of Loaf, Jesus Lizard et Slayer toute la journée en sa mémoire, mais Bill l’a couvert.

Mike Milwaukee Obituary, What happened to Mike Sherwood Milwaukee? Cause of death

Súper triste escuchar esta noticia pero agradezco la celebración musical. Debajo de su exterior de hablar mierda, Mike era un amor e increíblemente amable conmigo cuando me mudé de regreso a Milwaukee cuando tenía poco más de 20 años. Él será extrañado. Planeé escuchar Archers of Loaf, Jesus Lizard y Slayer todo el día en su memoria, pero Bill lo tiene cubierto.