Mike Gurdineer Obituary – Death, NASD Teacher / Coach dies of Covid-19

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Mike Gurdineer of Northampton Obituary – Death

The death of Mike Gurdineerr came as a shock to the residents of Northampton, his friends and family.

Gurdineerr passed away on September 8, 2021. Prior to his death, Gurdineerr  was a teacher and assistant football coach in the Northampton Area School District where he dedicated his time and effort to ensure the best for his students. He was the line coach at Southern Lehigh School District when they won the district title. This is such a sad time for the family and loved ones Gurdineerr left behind.

Cause of Mike Gurdineer’s death

Teacher and offensive coordinator and line coach for the high school’s football team in the district, Mike Gurdineerr  passed on after contracting and losing the battle to Covid-19.

Mike Gurdineer’s Funeral arrangement

There is no news yet from the family concerning funeral arrangements or visitation time. Nothing prepares a person for the loss of a loved one and so at a dire time like this, we extend our warmest condolences to the family of the deceased.


The statement from Athletic Director Shaun Murra was emotional and deeply heartfelt.

“Our hearts break for Coach Gurdineer and his family today as we offer our condolences to all who have crossed paths with Mike,”
“Mike was an outstanding teacher and football coach who left a huge impact on our student-athletes and our entire Northampton community. Coach Gurdineer’s devotion to our students was second to none and the impact he left will never be forgotten.”