Michael Joseph Vaughan Missing – Woman working to improve a missing child alert

Michael Joseph Vaughan Missing – According to report It has been weeks since 5-year-old Michael Joseph Vaughan disappeared from his Fruitland home.

Despite a reward fund of nearly $50,000 there have been very few leads in the case. As a means of helping prevent disappearances such as this, one child safety advocate has offered a solution which may build on existing systems in Payette County.

Michael Joseph Vaughan was last seen near his residence around 6:30 p.m. July 27, about two hours before the first “missing and endangered child alert” went out to area residents. but has not been seen till now.

Lisa Marie of Eagle approached the Fruitland City Council during its regular meeting on Monday with a concept she aims to launch nationwide. The concept is a Mandatory Alert for Missing Children program, to be used to notify the public any time a a child goes missing, regardless the circumstance.

She said the program could utilize business owners who could in turn notify their customers of a child disappearance.

Marie mentioned that her own children have been victims of sexual assault, one of whom is now a deputy sheriff in Ada County.

“I have two children who have been molested; I’m not here to be a person that’s on the front lines or anyone to know who I am. I’m here to get a job done,” said Marie.

Marie quoted Sheriff Andy Creech as saying the Amber Alert program in Payette County is “grossly underfunded,” adding that only one out of every 10 children who go missing is issued an alert. According to Marie, 53 children go missing daily.

“I took on the responsibility that I’m going to make a change. Me making a change isn’t because Lisa Marie is going to make a change, what I’m going to do is not stop so that everyone can have the knowledge,” she said.

Marie said her effort is to work beyond the limits of the Amber Alert program, to establish a nationwide network of such alert programs targeting individual municipalities.

Her organization is working on a $25 million project to take this program nationwide, and she has spoken in cities across the country, she told the council.

She has been working to help fund the project through her own ventures, which she did not detail during this meeting.

Marie said she is also in talks with Starbucks Coffee Shops to establish missing kid kiosks at each location, to notify customers of disappearances. She also aims to eventually utilize digital billboards, including boards planned along Interstate 84, dedicated to alerting the public quickly when a child does go missing.

Council President Kari Peterson suggested the concept could be implemented through Payette County’s Code Red emergency communications system.

“Why not build on something that we already have, as opposed to starting something new?” Peterson said, to which Marie agreed is a good idea.

“Ultimately, we just want everyone to have the same lingo or people just get confused,” Marie said.

The council moved to table the concept at this time, pending further input. Marie did not respond to a request for program details before press time.