Michael Jeorge Weisel Missing – Authorities seeks help in finding man missing from Dulles airport

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Michael Jeorge Weisel Missing – Help find man missing from Dulles airport on Friday.

Michael Jeorge Weisel, 79 year-old has been reported missing from Dulles airport.

What happened to Michael Jeorge Weisel?

The question what happened to Michael cannot be answered at this time as he is still considered a missing person at the time of this report.

However, what we know is Michael was seen last on Friday, September 3rd 2021. He was reportedly seen at Washington Dulles International Airport. He is believed to be driving a silver 2005 Pontiac Vibe sedan with West Virginia plates DGS-919.

What are authorities doing to find Michael Jeorge Weisel?

Authorities has been searching for the 79 year-old since he was reported missing. They are very worried at his disappearance and his concerned about his well being as he is said to suffer from a cognitive impairment.

The Virginia State Police are collaborating with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Police Department to find the missing man.

Michael Jeorge Weisel description:

The 79 year-old has been described as a White male who has brown hair and brown eyes.

Michael’s last known clothing description has been given as a blue pullover shirt, dark blue or beige pants, black velcro shoes, square-framed glasses and a brown wristwatch.

No distinctive features or birth marks has been given.

Michael Jeorge Weisel found:

At the time of this report Michael has not been found. This post will be updated immediately he is found.

What can you do to help find Michael Jeorge Weisel?

You can help find the 79 year-old by going to our Facebook and Twitter and sharing this post to help create awareness of the missing man.

Anyone who has seen or heard from Michael Jeorge Weisel since he was reported missing has been asked to contact the police at 703-417-2400.