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About Melanie Bracewell

Melanie Bracewell is a New Zealand Entertainer. She is into stand up comedy , she is a scriptwriter and she is also a Tv and radio personality. Bracewell is popularly known for her ironic and witty jokes. She grew up in Beach Haven in Auckland’s North Shore, and is a niece of Test cricketers John Bracewell and Brendon Bracewell. Melanie’s interest in comedy started from childhood and by the time she was a teenager, she had started writing a comedy blog, later on she moved to stand-up comedy. She currently co-hosts the new comedy show on Television “The cheap seats” alongside Tim McDonald.

Melanie Bracewell Education

Bracewell attended Birkenhead College where she served as the Deputy Head Girl after which she moved on to University of Auckland where she studied Communication and Media Studies.  Bracewell worked as producer of the breakfast show on Radio Hauraki and appeared as a contestant on the Australian TV quiz show “Have You Been Paying Attention?”.  She has no doubt carved out a niche for herself as an excellent entertainer. In 2019, Bracewell began writing for the TV show The Project in New Zealand. Bracewell has also written for all 3 seasons of the series Wellington Paranormal.

Recognition and Awards

In 2014, Bracewell won 7 Days Comedy Apprentice; the following year she won the Raw Comedy Quest, and in 2016 won Best Auckland Newcomer at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival. In 2020, Bracewell received international coverage when videos and photos of her impersonating Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern went viral. Ardern responded with: “You do my makeup better than I do.” Bracewell and Ardern later met up and posted a TikTok video while Bracewell was dressed as Ardern. In 2018, Bracewell received the Billy T Award for the country’s best emerging comedian. The same year she won Breakthrough Comedian of the Year at the NZ Comedy Guild Awards. In 2019, she was short-listed for the Kevin Smith Memorial Cup for Outstanding Artist Achievement, Best Female Comedian and Bizarre Moment of the Year at the New Zealand Comedy Guild Awards. In 2021, Melanie completely sold out a season of ‘The Rumours Art True’ at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, this won her the Director’s Choice Award.


In 2019, Bracewell shared a screenshot on her Twitter account of a sexually explicit message which she said had come unprompted from someone in the Reddit cricketing community. A Reddit user later found a post from Bracewell in a subreddit soliciting sexual messages. A moderator from the Reddit cricketing community then contacted Bracewell asking her for details of who sent her the private message. She subsequently apologised and admitted her post was a joke. After her apology she received criticism on social media, with some accusing her of lying about sexual harassment and stereotyping Indians.

Melanie Bracewell Age, Birthday

Melanie Bracewell was born July 19th, 1995 and she is 25 years old. She is 6ft 1in (185cm) tall.

Melanie Bracewell Boyfriend

There have been speculations linking the witty Melanie to Chris Hemsworth. While both of them are close friends, there is no proof of a romantic relationship between the two. Melanie is verified on Instagram as @melaniebracewell with about 108k followers. She has a website where she has a witty write up about herself She is on TikTok as @meladoodle and has over 209k followers.