McIntosh School Bus Driver, Isabell McKinzie Dies On Laurens Way While Dropping Off Students

Isabell McKinzie Death – Obituary : Isabell McKinzie, McIntosh County Middle School bus driver has died after collapsing on Laurens Way approximately 4:45 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, October 27, 2021 while on her way to drop off 14 students after close of school.

According to the Jim Pulos, McIntosh School Superintended, McKinzie had just picked up McIntosh County Middle School students with Todd-Grant students already onboard. She then made a turn on Laurens Way, beside the school’s football field, when she stopped the bus and collaped with what appears to be medical condition.

Following the incident, emergency crews arrived the scene and placed Mrs. McKinzie in an ambulance to perform CPR on her. Sadly, she passed away at the scene.

Nathan Green, who is also a school bus driver and another bus driver arrived the scene and convey the students home in other school buses. Parents where informed about the incident.

We sympathize with McKinzie in this their sad moment.