Maura Murray – Bones found in Loon Mountain Resort believed to be that of Maura

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Maura Murray – Bones found believed to be that of 21 year-old woman missing from Amherst, MA since February 2004.

Maura Murray has been missing from Amherst, MA since February 2004.

According to reports, Maura who was 21 year-old at the time of disappearance was seen last on the 9th of February 2004. She was said to have been seen at 7pm the said date in the area of Route 112 in Haverhill, NH.

The 21 year-old was said to be a University of Massachusetts-Amherst nursing student.

Search for Maura Murray:

Authorities over the years have been searching for Maura after she went missing. Her vehicle was found involved in an accident and there was no sign of her in the area.

Recently, a search was being conducted in the area of of Loon Mountain in Lincoln, New Hampshire, which is about 25 miles from North Haverhill along Route 112.

Police released a statement that reads “A search of the area has been conducted, an investigation is ongoing, and diagnostic testing is pending to determine age and possible sex of the bone fragments.”

The bone was said to have been found close to where Maura’s vehicle was found in 2004.

Julie, Maura’s sister said “My family has experienced these types of situations before but this one feels a little bit different because of the proximity to where Maura’s car was found.”

“We haven’t had any physical evidence discovered in relation to my sister’s case so this could be very huge. I just want the investigation to go well so that if it is truly Maura the people that are responsible can be brought to justice. I’m hoping this is it, but it’s not going to destroy us if it isn’t. We’ll just keep looking,” said Julie.

Maura Murray death:

It has not been confirmed that the bones found are that of the missing Maura so she can’t be pronounced dead at this time.

This post will be updated as soon as there is new development in the case.

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