Manikka Vinayagam dead, Legendary Singer and Actor Thiru

By | December 27, 2021

Legendary Singer and Actor Thiru. Manikka Vinayagam is no more. May his Soul Rest in Peace.. Condolences to his family and friends all his fans..

Manikka Vinayagam is a Tamil actor and singer. He is the son of Valuvoor B. Ramayana, the guru of Bharatanatyam and the youngest son of the boy. He has acted as a repeat singer in many Tamil movies and has acted in many movies such as Dil and Thiruda Thirudi. Manikkavinayakam is Patti Thotti’s most watched singer in 2002, her song “Pompalinga Kadhalaithan Nambivitathe”.

Manikkavinayakam has a majestic voice that can easily distinguish him from other singers. Since he appeared on the screen, he has been writing and singing many godly albums. The first advance in the screen industry came from the differentiation of composers. His first song in the Dil movie was “Kannukkulla Oruthi”. After that, he sang many hit songs and most of the opportunities were given by different people.

He is just a singer and he proved that he can perform in Dhanush’s “Thiruda Thirudi”. In his first movie, he appeared as the father of a middle-class family and left a deep impression on many people. Since then, he has accepted roles and appeared in many movies. 73-year-old singer Manika Vinayagam died tonight of a heart attack.

Manikka Vinayagam is a Tamil replay singer and actor. He has sung for all South Indian films and has acted as a role artist in many Tamil feature films. He is the son of the dancer Vazhuvoor B. Ramiah Pillai. His uncle and music master is singer C. S. Jayaraman.

Vinayagam made his debut as a singer in the Tamil film Dhill. The song “Kannukkulla Gelathi” was composed by Vidyasagar. His debut in the performance was for Thiruda Thirudi as the father of Dhanush. Since then, he has sung nearly 800 songs in various languages. In addition, he also sang nearly 15,000 spiritual and folk songs.