Manifee Child Missing – Found dead

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Manifee Child Missing – 11 year-old, Terry Smith missing in July 2013 found buried in a shallow grave.

Terry Smith, 11 year-old at the time reported missing was found dead in a shallow grave in the residence of a relative.

According to reports, Smith had gone missing in July 2013 and was reported missing few days after he was seen last. His step brother was said to have told the police Smith accompanied him on a visit to his friend’s house but suddenly went missing but the story did not match that of Smith’s school and other family members.

The Authorities said they got a call few days later about the remains of a body that was found in a residence which happened to be the home of the 16 year-old half brother of Smith, the police later made an arrest of a person who wasn’t disclosed to the public.

The body found was identified to be the missing 11 year-old from Manifee who was described as ‘at-risk autistic child’ in his missing person’s report. However, Jenny Smith the mother of the boy said “I know it’s going to be a bit of a shock to people to hear this, but no, he was not autistic.”

Capt. John Hill of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said “One of the things I want to stress is that this was a domestic issue within that residence, and that there is no stranger in the city of Menifee that caused this to happen.”

The family of Terry Smith were very sad about the outcome of the case, a family member said “This week has been a devastating week for our family and for everybody involved in the search,” the Smith family said in a statement. “This community has been amazing, and we appreciate all the support.”

The investigation of the case and final outcome wasn’t made known to the public. We sure hope the family got justice served and the perpetrator of the evil was brought to book.