Man who says vaccines are “poison” has died of Covid

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Dick Farrell Death – Obituary : Trumper Newsmax host Dick Farrell, who had told his listeners that he would be avoiding Covid vaccines because they are “poison,” has eventually died of COVID.

According to message shared on Twitter by Occupy Democrats, Farrell sent a message from his death-bed to his friends. In the message, Farrell reportedly advised his friends to get vaccinated because Covid is “no joke.”

Dick Farrell has died of Covid-19, OccupyDemocrats, announced on Twitter

Responding to the announcement made by OccupyDemocrats, @yooktanun whose Twitter bio described as a “Famous Thai movie actress & retired 30+ year veteran CIA operations officer & Old Asia Hand,” said  “Dick Farrell was obese, his immune system was not in good shape. It is not clear what he actually died from. Usually, people don’t “die from” COVID, it weakens you so that pneumonia or a heart attack kills you.”

Dick Farrell Death – Obituary Notice, August 1, 2021