Man shot, killed during altercation in southeast Memphis

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Memphis Police say a man has been charged with murder after an altercation ended with a man dead in southeast Memphis, according to reports.

Authorities said a woman reported that her son had shot someone who followed him home in the 1800 block of Myrna Lane.

Tray Bledsoe allegedly walked out from behind a van at the home and said, “I just shot him. I had to.”

Arriving officers located a man sitting in a white Cadillac with multiple gunshot wounds. Medics arrived and pronounced him dead, police said.

The mother told police she was present during the shooting, and that the incident was captured on her daughter’s cell phone.

Video showed the victim speaking with Bledsoe at the back of the residence, unarmed.

Bledsoe’s mother told police her son pulled a gun from his waistband and began shooting at the victim during a verbal altercation.

Bledsoe told police the victim had pulled in front of him at Knight Arnold and Hickory Hill then began following him.

He said the man continued following him even though he took multiple turns to get away.

He told police he pulled into his mother’s driveway and left his work van running while he went to the back of the house.

He said the man did not have a gun, but threatened to hurt him and his mother.

When Bledsoe began shooting, the man ran back down the driveway toward the Cadillac.

Bledsoe, 29, said he fired more shots toward the car because he thought the man was getting a weapon, according to court records.

Bledsoe is currently facing a first-degree murder charges.