Man shot and Stabbed inside a Glendale Café

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Reports say a man was shot and stabbed following an argument inside a Glendale café Sunday.

Authorities say the incident took place inside the Paradise Pastry & Café in Glenoaks Boulevard at about 2 p.m.
The bakery stated via their social media page that the incident has nothing to do with their staff, their establishment or their customers, according to reports.

Officials responded to the scene and transported the man to the hospital, where he was immediately sent to surgery.

“Just after 2p.m., there’s a lot of people out and about, so I’d say that, yeah, that’s something that’s uncommon in that part of our town and really, Glendale as a whole,” said Sgt. Christian Hauptmann, with Glendale Police.

They said detectives also asked several nearby businesses for their surveillance video, including the owners of Paradise Pastry & Café, so they can review that footage.