Man, 51, arrested for ‘terroristic threat’ to shot up South Hills Village mall

51-year-old Lance Crowley, of Pittsburgh, has been arrested after threatening to shot up his South Hills Village mall on Tuesday, according to reports.

Authorities said Crowley is being charged for making terroristic threats and public drunkenness’.

Officials responded to the mall at about 2 p.m., according to Bethel Park. On reports of a man who was carrying a duffel bag and making statements that he had a gun and was going to start shooting.

“We were able to establish that we had a credible sighting of this male actually walking away from the mall, sort of on a diagonal past the food court, through the parking lot, over towards Route 19,” O’Connor said. “At that point, we did take some precautionary measures around the mall, stationing officers, and then we began to have units arriving from other departments from Allegheny County, the sheriffs and police, and we were able to establish a perimeter in the area and start a search of the area.”
Officers saw a man walking down the hillside behind the nearby Fine Wine & Good Spirits store and took him into custody, O’Connor said.

The man was not carrying a gun on him or in his bag, and a search of the area with police dogs did not find any guns, the chief said.

“I see a bunch of employees whispering on their headsets, looking around, getting really quiet. You could tell something was off,” Martino said.

She was told the store is on lockdown and was rushed into a back room.

“We were sheltered in place for about 25 minutes. We didn’t see police officers there at the time; towards the end there were.

There were about six to eight who were on-site walking around, they had their vests on, they were armed. We knew at that point it was pretty serious,” Martino said.

A mall employee who chose to remain anonymous said she and her employees were never alerted to the search.

“They did not handle this well. We were not told about what was happening, if this was a more serious situation.

If this did evolve into a shooting we could’ve been seriously harmed,” an eye-witness said.

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