Mama, I don’t want to die!

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‘Mama, don’t let me die, 20 year-old’s COVID death the latest among youths                                                                                                                                                                                             Idoho Mother says she promised her daughter she won’t die, only to her see her succumb to the virus

When Shepherd grew frightened as the Doctors prepared to incubate her, Carr says ‘I promised her she was going to be fine, that was our last conversation. Shepherd was full of life says her mother as she watched her health rapidly deteriorate after her COVID-19 diagnosis, after developing kidney failure and pneumonia. It was not known that she had been vaccinated against the virus. Her demise came as health officials across the US sound alarms over more severe outcomes from COVID-19 for younger people. Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare reported a 6.7-year drop in the state’s average age of COVID-19 victims.

California, Texas and Florida’s health officials have also reported seeing a trend in youths dying from the virus as the Delta variant continues to drive the fourth wave of the pandemic.

Shepherd was such a promising youngster to have her life cut short in her 20’s, by COVID-19 this week.