Madi Martin Car Accident- Madi Martin killed in car accident

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Madi Martin Car Accident

Madi Martin Death – Obituary: Madi Martin, 21, of Grant passed away Sunday, September 19, 2021 in a car accident.

The nature of the accident has not been released by the officials.

The preliminary report will soon be released and this post will be updated.

Family and friends have taken to their social media page to send their condolences.

BriAnn Loudermilk said, “i never thought i’d be making a post like this for you Madi, i thought this would all happen when we was all in nursing homes not when we are 21/22.. i am seriously lost at complete words, i love you so much madi martin. you had the most purest soul i knew, your voice was always so mellow toned, your smile, you was just an amazing woman that i had the honor of getting to know over the past five years and i’m so thankful.

i’m gonna miss you madi, and God that laugh of yours it won’t be the same at all w out you.. i’m confused i don’t understand why at 21?? but i just know your in a better place, with no worries, pain, or stress whatsoever. this isn’t goodbye, this is see you later right? that’s how this goes? i love you baby girl, watch over us
-if y’all could please keep Madi’s family, her boyfriend Jarrod and her friends in your prayers the next few weeks or so it’d be greatly greatly appreciated..”

According to Shasta McCarver Stinnett, “This is a post that I never want to make! Madi Martin was killed yesterday afternoon in a tragic car accident. Madi cheered for SCC for SEVERAL years. She was always smiling and happy and had the BEST attitude. There is no doubt she brought rainbows to Heaven with her. Please keep her parents, Robin and Robert in your prayers as well as her sister Taylor! This is such a sweet, precious family and they need all of the peace and comfort they can get at this time.”

“Madi Martin, age 21 of Grant passed away Sunday, September 19, 2021.
Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday, September 23, 2021 at Grant Memorial Chapel with Clayton Tuggle officiating. Burial will follow in Panquin Cemetery. Friends may visit with Madi’s family on Wednesday from 5-7…” According to Grant Memorial Chapel.

Kimberly Campbell wrote: “For anyone who knew Madi Martin you were blessed. But none of us got say goodbye not the way we wanted to. We were close in school and after. But when I left Grant we barley talked and nothing is wrong with that. I remember when our class graduated she went up to almost everyone and told them how proud she was of us. And I cried like a baby bc I was scared, I had moved to Alabama maybe a 2-3 weeks before school started, I was a senior and didn’t know anyone and everyone else had their own people.

The first few days of school we had to meet for home room and Madi was in mine and she welcomed me. And from then on we were friends. Sat in coach Keller’s talking forever. Senior year I did a talent show (no one comment on that but I didn’t have a phone or anyway to sing it or anything and Madi pushed me to do it.

Then I looked at that crowd got overwhelmed and forgot the words she started singing them and I kept going. I can remember Lillie, Brady, like the whole group just jamming even though it was horrible and I was so embarrassed but they kept me going. Madi, I love you and I’ll miss you dearly. Your sweet beautiful soul was taken way too early”