Macin Smith missing update – Mason Smith missing Utah boy found

Macin Smith missing – St. George teen Macin Smith, still missing after 6 years

Its been over 6 years since Macin Smith went missing. In September 2015 Macin father walked in on Smith early hours of the day on his laptop and took his laptop away from him, which might have prompted his disappearance.

Tracey Smith, Macin’s mother said “I think it’s very important that my son is not forgotten because he’s still out there, somewhere,” she believes that her son might be dead but still wants to raise awareness to get answers on what exactly happened to her son.

What happened to Mason Smith?

Macin who rode the bus to school never returned home and till now there has been no sightings of him. “We couldn’t imagine that this was the thing that wasn’t right,” recalled Smith. “(We thought) it was more like ‘oh he’s probably blowing off some steam at the park.”

The search for  Macin Smith

The search turned from hours to days and then months which led to panic from his friends and family he was later considered to have ran away from home.

Volunteers came out to help search for the missing boy. One of the volunteers said “(It) just goes back to being a mother and not knowing where your son is, I think everyone can relate to that love of a child. I just can’t imagine what Tracey is going through, and just the need to know.”

A $10,000 dollar reward was issued for anyone who gave information leading directly to Macin being found but no one of the clues gotten, led to him.

A facial progression picture was released by a volunteer but Macin’s mother, Smith said her son couldn’t grow beards and that the picture should be discarded.

St George police during the early stages of the case said they suspected Macin was murdered by his family. The theory was discarded after a ‘lie detector test’ was carried out for the family and they passed it. The police also found a note during the search that Macin wrote saying he didn’t want to live anymore.

In an interview Smith had on ‘Missing in Utah’ she said “Please keep your eyes open whether you’re a hiker or a four-wheeler or somebody that’s just outdoors in the wilderness, He’s still out there, don’t forget my boy.”

Anyone with information to help find the missing boy from Utah call 911 or contact #’Macin’s Army’ on Facebook.

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