Machesney Potter John Leach 87, dies unexpectedly

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John Leach death – obituary, cause of death : John Leach 87, has been pronounced dead. He died unexpectedly on August, 2021.

John was born in 1939 to late English studio potter, David Leach. He and his wife established Machesney Pottery in 1965. After he finished his training with his grandfather Bernard. He and his father continued the family tradition of producing quality handmade ceramics. He and Nick Rees for many years were the core team. They had students who came to learn the craft. One of such students was Mark Melbourne an employee for 16 years.

The family tradition is based on knowledge about a natural substance and how it can be worked with to create items of beauty and functionality. The act of Machesney Pottery is about the making of tactile forms robustly made with strong shapes and fire-licked decoration. Inspiration for pieces comes from a variety of sources, from the land, to travels that John has made as far as Africa, then back to Taunton Museum which houses the Black Jack leather jug from Montacute House. The success of the Pottery is founded on traditional team values and the quest at all times for quality.

John and wife Lizzie opened a gallery in 2003, they were keen on developing new ideas and move to develop the business. The John Leach Gallery marked the start of a new era with a fabulous venue to show their work and the work of other great artists of local and world renown. No doubt the Pottery will continue to flourish and innovate enabling us all to have and enjoy craftsman-made pots to enrich our everyday lives.

John exhibited at the Tate Gallery, St. Ives in 1999 and more recently at the Leach Pottery in 2008. His work continues to be on show at the John Leach Gallery in Somerset.

He will be deeply missed by both family, friends and Acquaintances.