Lyuda Kuzina Missing – What happened to Moscow girl?

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Lyuda Kuzina Missing – 1 year-old reported missing for 3 days in Moscow, found in a forest filled with wild animals.

​​Lyuda Kuzina, 1 year-old was reported missing on Wednesday, 18th of August 2021 after she reportedly wandered from her home near the Russian city Obinsk, 100km from Moscow. She was said to have disappeared when her mother left with her siblings to talk to some neighbors.

According to reports, the mother of the 1 year-old along with about 500 people started search for the girl. The search lasted for 3 days after which the girl was found half miles away from where she went missing.

The 1 year-old was described as a White female who has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her last known clothing description wasn’t given.

Lyuda was found in a forest that is known to be very dangerous and filled with wild animals. She was reportedly found surrounded by falling trees and bitten severely by insects.

The crowd of volunteers knew so much joy and were reduced to tears when they found the girl stretching her hands out to them. It was indeed an emotional moment for the mother and other volunteers. How a girl so young tender survived 3 nights in such a place is a huge mystery.

The spokesman for SALVAR rescue group said “One of the groups stopped to rest after searching for a long time, and suddenly they heard a faint squeak, they called again, and heard another squeak.”

The spokesman for the volunteers said “Everyone cried – experienced and first time volunteers, local residents, everyone was sobbing, She was weak, bitten all over by insects, but most importantly she was alive.”

The volunteers called in an ambulance who helped carried the girl to the hospital.