Lithuanians to Discard all Chinese Phones?

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Lithuanians to Discard all Chinese Phones Over Security Issues.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Lithuania tells Citizens to do away with their Chinese phones due to alleged built-in censorship issues that could be activated remotely.

Amidst issues with China, Lithuania’s Defense Ministry has asked it’s citizens to quit buying Chinese smartphones, after a verified government report found that 5G devices from the Chinese companies have built-in censorship capabilities.

Reports from the nation’s cyber security center says that actually, the Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G phones have censorship software that censor things including ”free Tibet’‘ The report also states that more than 449 key phrases that could be censored by Xiaomi’s system apps, the default browser inclusive.

Europe has deactivated the devices sold to them, the cyber body debates that they are still carrying the potential to be switched on remotely. Also adding that they have found that the Xiaomi flagship was transferring encrypted phone usage to Singapore.

The report also said that while the Huawei P40 was being tested, it was discovered that the phone’s security is flawed and could put users at risk of being breached. Huawei’s official app store ”App Gallery’‘, directs users to third party-party e-stores  where some apps have been said to be ”infected with viruses”.

This wouldn’t be the first time China would be accused of distributing built-in censorship smartphones. A year ago when the COVID-19 was still in it’s infancy, a group discovered that the popular WeChat app had censored about 152 keywords in conjunction with the Coronavirus. Sometime in 2017, the Great Firewall of China made global headlines when it banned all references to Winnie the Pooh, after the cartoon character was used to make fun of the Country’s president, XI Jinping, in a photo with Barrack Obama the then president of the United States of America that has since been immortalized by the internet,

This information is not limited to Lithuania, but to countries that use Xiaomi equipment.