Lily Graves missing – What happened to this Delhi girl?

Lily Graves missing – Has the 14 year-old girl missing from Delhi in November 2019 been found?

ONTARIO, Canada – Lily Graves, 13-year-old was reported missing from Delhi, Ontario. She was last seen on the 16th of November 2019 in the area and suddenly disappeared.

According to report, Lily had left her home on the said date and failed to come back home. She was reported missing to the Ontario Provincial Police who have been doing all they can to find her but she is still missing.

There was the opinion when she initially went missing that she left of her own free will but her parents are disputing the fact as she would have at least contacted someone if that was the case.

Lily Graves description:

Age – 13 at the time she went missing

Sex – Female

Race – White

Hair – Long curly red hair

Eyes – Blue

Height – 5’4″ feet tall

Weight – 150 pounds.

Lily Graves search:

A various extensive search has been carried out by the police and loved ones of Lily but she is still missing.

A Facebook post by her official page reads “Any information we get will be confidential and will be passed directly to the OPP. We are not trying to impede their investigation in any way but someone must have seen something- so by covering the area and talking to as many people as possible – hopefully, we can help get Lily home!”

The Ontario Provincial Police also carried out several searches for her and she remains missing.

Lily Graves Found:

A press release by the police confirmed that Lily was found safe and well on the 24th of December 2019.

Chronicle.Lance tweeted “FINALLY FOUND. Lily Patricia Graves 14 of Delhi found Mattawa in good health. Went missing Sun Nov 17, found today, Tues Dec 24. Police transporting Lily to Barrie where she will be reunited with family. Thanks to all media, policing partners.”

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