Leigh Gallagher – Missing DJ from Vivantes Hospital might be in danger

Leigh Gallagher missing – Help locate 25-year-old Glasgow DJ missing from a nightclub in Berlin on Sunday.

The police in Berlin are asking the help of the public in finding a Glasgow DJ who was said to have left the Vivantes Hospital in Freidrichshain the morning of Sunday, November 7th, 2021. He was reportedly seen last at a nightclub in Berlin which he works as a DJ.

Report says the 25-year-old Leigh Gallagher was seen outside the club with a badly injured arm and was taken to the hospital after a friend of his called for an ambulance. He was said to have left the hospital without any prior announcement and not informed his friends or girlfriend.

Leigh’s family is becoming very worried about his disappearance and fears he might be in danger. He was said to have without his personal belongings which includes his phone, apartment keys, and cash, or his bank card.

A Facebook post by Paul McGinlay reads “He’s been missing since Sunday into early hours of Monday. He doesn’t have any phone or valuables with him so he’s now growing concerned with people he knows due to the length of time he’s been missing. Please if anyone in Berlin has seen anything or knows anything. Get in touch with the people mentioned in the photo!”

Authorities are now doing all they can to help find him. A search is been carried out to help find him.’

Leigh Gallagher description:

The 25 year-old is described as a White male who is of a medium build. He has light brown hair and brown eyes.

Leigh’s last known clothing description has not been given. No distinctive features or birthmarks were also given.

Help find Leigh Gallagher:

Leigh’s friends have reportedly taken to social media to ask for help in finding him. You can also help find him by sharing this post from our Facebook and Twitter to create awareness that he is missing.

Jonathan Carrol wrote on Facebook “BERLIN: We are looking for any information that will help us find Leigh Gallagher, please get in touch or if you can assist in any way please let me know.”

If you have information that can help find Leigh Gallagher please call the police immediately as he might be in need of urgent medical attention.

Social media interaction to Leigh Gallagher missing