Lee Cutler Missing – Help find boy missing from Buffalo Grove

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Lee Cutler Missing – What happened to boy missing from Buffalo Grove,  Illinois since October 2007.

Buffalo Groove, IL – Lee Cutler, was a founder of a local chapter of BBYO, a Jewish youth organization. 18 years old at the time he went missing, has now been missing for almost 14 years.

According to reports, Lee had left his home going for a birthday party of one of his relative on October 20, 2007 and never returned home. His last known contact was with his mother before he left the house.

The family of Lee became very worried at his disappearance when he did not return home from the party and did not show up at his work place at his place of work which reportedly is the Hawthorn Center Mall in Vernon Hills, Illinois. All attempts to reach Lee failed as his call kept going to voicemail and later became unreachable.

What are authorities doing to find Lee Cutler?

Authorities has over the year searched for Lee since he went missing but the search has however not turned out much.

The police questioned all who were with him before he disappeared and according to details given by his friends, it was stated that Lee had stayed up all night playing games after the party and was perfectly fine before leaving. He was said to have dropped off a friend at his home and was supposedly headed to work but never arrived there.

During the search, Lee’s car which was a Toyota Corolla was found parked at a rest stop on Wisconsin Highway 33 in Fairfield Township, Wisconsin.

Investigation into the case showed that Lee had driven there immediately after he left Buffalo Grove on Saturday morning, as it was about a 70-mile drive. At some point, Lee had then left Kettle Moraine and made the 90-mile drive to Baraboo. Some of his personal belongings were also found in the car.

4 years after Lee went missing an age progression picture was made which shows how the 22 year-old should look. This the police believed will help find him.

Lee was described as an introspective teenager who seemed to keep his feelings bottled up inside.

A note was also found inside the car which makes the police think ‘foul play’ was not involved in his death. The note reads “My head is too big for my shoulders. Finally, I’ll be able to sleep. I know I’m not crazy. I love you, mom. Please be happy.”

Lee Cutler Description:

The then 18 year-old was described as a White male who is approximately 6’0″ feet tall and weighs about 150 pounds. He has brown eyes and brown slightly long hair.

Lee’s last known clothing description was given as a dark blue sweater with a red stripe and a pair of khaki pants.

No distinctive features or birth marks were given.

Has Lee Cutler been found?

At the time of this report, Lee has not been found and is still considered a missing person.

Where is Lee Cutler now?

This question cannot be correctly answered as Lee is still considered a missing person and has not been found. His whereabouts remains unknown.

What can you do to help find Lee Cutler?

You can help find Lee who should now be 22 years old by sharing this post on our Twitter and Facebook as this will help create awareness that Lee is still missing.

Anyone who has seen or heard from Lee Cutler since he went missing or has information on his whereabouts have been asked to contact the Buffalo Grove Police Department at 847–459–2560.