Leah Roberts Missing – What happened to Leah Roberts?

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Cold case missing woman Leah Roberts, who went missing on the 13th of March 2000 still missing.


Leah Roberts, 23 year-old at the time he went missing had left her home in March without giving anyone a clue as to where she was headed. She was said to have been driving a a white 1993 Jeep Cherokee with License plate North Carolina Lic# JVP-2881. Leah was said to have made a drawing for room mate just before she left and never returned.


A search began for the 23 year-old. On Saturday,18th of March that same year during the search for Leah, her vehicle was said to have been found left on a logging road in Whatcom County. The police was said to have searched the car and found receipts which showed that she bought gas in Brooks, Oregon in the early hours of Monday, March 13. They also found movie tickets. The police also said she might have taken her little kitten on the ride as cat food was also found in the vehicle.

However, the vehicle search did not leave any clue to where she might have gone after she  left her vehicle or what happened to her. Search continued but till date there was no explanation as to where she disappeared to.

In the search of the vehicle, Leah’s mother’s ring which was very priceless to her was found under the mat on the driver’s sit, this made her surviving family members worried as they said she would never have abandoned the ring there and never come back for it.

Leah Roberts was said to have had to deal with a lot during the time she was seen. She was said to have been in a fatal accident which left her having a rod in her leg and that was after she had to deal with loosing her mother to an heart disease. Leah was said to have been traumatized when her last parent passed away from a chronic lung cancer. All of that was said to have made her drop out from college.

The 23 year-old was said to have loved photography and she focused on that after dropping from college and also adopted a cat which she reportedly named Bea.

Leah was then described as a White female who was 5’6″ feet tall and weighed about 130 pounds.

The Authorities at the time had said they had a phone call from a man who sounded tensed few days after they found the jeep. The man reportedly called to report a sighting, he was said to have told the police that his wife had seen someone who through description could have been Leah, around their area looking lost, but the man was said to have hanged up before the police could get further details.

Most people are of the opinion that giving the time lapse of the case Leah Roberts might have died but considering the fact that no body was found or recovered the case is still that of a missing person cold case.

Anyone with information are still opened to calling the Detective Sergeant of the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office at 360-778-6600, or contact the Whatcom Communication Dispatch Center at 360-676-6711.