Leah Croucher missing – Where is Leah Croucher?

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Leah Croucher missing – What happened to Leah Croucher?

In February 2019, 19 year old Leah Croucher, had disappeared on her way to walk.

Could Leah Croucher have been abducted?

Questions as to her abduction are still being answered with reliable leads that are springingind up

A 68-year-old Morotrist had reportedly said he saw someone being forced into a vehicle on the same day of Crouchers disappearance.

“As I watched the car, the driver suddenly let go of the steering wheel with both hands, twisted himself around and pushed whoever the feet belonged to down really forcefully.

“He was using both hands and it seemed a very aggressive thing to do.

“It was like he was trying to hide someone.”

When the traffic started moving, the woman lost sight of the car, but it “continued to play on her mind”.

“Was it a father disciplining a naughty teenager perhaps for putting their feet on the dashboard? It looked too aggressive for that,” she said.

“Or was it something more sinister?”

What is police doing about her disappearance?

Authorities have not rested since the disappearance of the teenager. Somany unfruitful laeds have been followed until now. and police are still willing to follow this new lead, and even more upcoming. with the hopes of solving the puzzle.

“We can confirm that we have spoken to this individual about the reports that she has made to us and proportionate actions and inquiries were taken as a result of the information we received.

“Our investigation is still ongoing and we continue to ask anyone who may have information to please visit a police station, report online or call 101.”
Said Thames Valley Police