Lawyer shot dead inside district court complex in Uttar Pradesh

A lawyer was found shot to death inside a district court complex in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur, reports said.

Authorities say the body of the lawyer was found on the third floor of the court. And a country made pistol was also spotted near the body.

Preliminary investigation showed the lawyer was having a discussion with someone, suddenly there was loud bang and he fell to the floor.

Sources say, it appears the man was alone.

No other person was seen around him at the time of the incident. Forensic team is at work.

“We do not know the details. We were in court, someone came and told us that a man has been shot; has been killed. When we came to see, we found the dead body and a country-made pistol near it…The man was earlier employed with a bank and had been practicing as a lawyer for last 4-5 years,” said a fellow lawyer of the court.
This is a developing story….