Laura Placker Death – Pregnant woman fatally shot in front of her kids in San Antonio

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Laura Placker Death Obituary – A 35-year-old has been indicted  and charged with capital murder of multiple person following a shooting death of a pregnant woman in San Antonio motel room.

Placker was shot and killed in motel room on June 19. Her killer Dillon Leigh Meckel who is 35-year-old has been arrested, indicted and charged.

Fatally shooting a pregnant woman

The Bexar County District Attorney’s Office said Thursday that Dillon Leigh Meckel, 35, was indicted by a grand jury for the death of Placker and her unborn child.

Meckel action was considered “intentionally and knowingly.”

Where did the shooting death of Laura Placker happen?

The ugly act occurred at a Motel 6 in the 7500 block of Louis Pasteur, not far from Floyd Curl Drive.

Meckel confessed to the police who responded to the shooting that he had shot Placker. The pregnant woman’s children who are between the ages of four and six were inside the motel room when Meckel shot their mother in the head, killing her instantly.

When authorities arrived the sad scene, they performed lifesaving measures but couldn’t bring her back. Placker died at the scene of the shooting.

When police arrived at the scene, Meckel had admitted to shooting Placker. The victim was shot in the head, and although authorities performed lifesaving measures, they were unsuccessful. Placker was pronounced dead at the scene.

Where is Laura Placker’s children?

Laura Placker’s children were taken in by CPS, who helped arrange care for them.