Lairah Lopez missing – Help police find Lauderdale County girl

Lairah Lopez missing – Police seeks help in finding a 15-year-old boy missing from Lauderdale County last Thursday.

Lairah Lopez, a 15-year-old has been reported missing from Lauderdale County. She was last seen on Thursday, 21st of October 2021 leaving her home in Naval Air Station Meridian Thursday night around 7 p.m.

According to the report, her family has expressed deep worries about her disappearance as they fear she might be in danger.

Lairah Lopez description:

The 15-year-old is described as a White female who is approximately 5 feet tall and weighs about 115 pounds. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Lopez’s last known clothing description was given as blue jeans, a black shirt with white letters, a blue sweater with fur around the hoodie, and black and red Jordan tennis shoes.

Distinctive features have been given as braces on her teeth with blue rubber bands.

What are authorities doing to find Lairah Lopez?

Authorities commenced a search for Lopez after she was reported missing.

The LCSD is now seeking the help of the public in finding the 15-year-old. They urge everyone in the area to keep an eye out for her.

Help find Lairah Lopez:

To help find Lopez, you can share this post on our Facebook and Twitter to help create awareness that she is missing. One of the most vital tools in finding a missing person is creating awareness.

Anyone who has information to help find Lairah Lopez has been asked to call the LCSD at (601) 486-4952.