Kyra Whitehurst missing – Mother of missing 15y/o Bixby girl cries out for help

Kyra Whitehurst missing – Help find 15-year-old Bixby girl Kyra Whitehurst

15-year-old Kyra Whitehurst, from Bixby is missing and her family is getting increasingly worried about her welfare as no one knows where she is or whom she went out with.

Kyra Whitehurst was reportedly last seen on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, in school. But when her mother went to pick her up, she was nowhere to be found. Sunny Bautista the mother of the missing girl said, “Yes, she is missing, I went to pick her up on Tuesday afternoon and she never came out, she has to have left with one of her friends and she hasn’t been seen since.”

She continued by saying, “Nobody will tell me they know where she is but I know somebody has to! I went to the Jenks police because that’s the jurisdiction we’re in. The officer said he called and left a message for the school and never got a callback so he will call again today.” Police are already on the case and the mother of the missing girl is making sure her daughter is found as soon as possible.

Kyra Whitehurst description

Whitehurst is described as a white female, with shoulder length brown hair, with blue eyes, and is of medium build.


She was last seen wearing this gray shirt and a black hoodie.

Bautista has been desperate, and has even gone to the length of seeking the schools cameras if she could get a footage, “The school has cameras but they say they can’t show them to me! So the police have to go down there and look in the cameras and find her. If we just know who she left with we’d no where to start.” Bautista added

“I’m reaching out because TWO days is too long for action to NOT to be taken by Jenks Police and BPS. This mother needs to find her daughter! So SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! I think we all know time is of the essence in these situations. If you can please help get the word out, I know this mother would be so grateful!🙏” Says Lyndsey Smith on a Facebook post.