Kyndel Gillie Obituary: Death: Louisiana 11 year old accident, Sabine Parish Community

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Kyndel Gillie Obituary: Death: Louisiana 11 year old accident

A Sabine Parish community has been thrown into mourning at the death of an Ebarb school student who died Monday night in what is considered a freak accident at her home.

Kyndel Gillie (11), a sixth grader was involved in an unfortunate accident on the 31st of August 2021. Kyndel was  born to Terry and Adrienne Gillie in the Sepulvado’s Landing area. of Kyndel was a student, athlete, a friend, a daughter and a cheerful soul.

Funeral arrangements

Funeral arrangements currently on hold as the family tries to deal with the excruciating pain of Gillie’s untimely demise.


Since the unfortunate demise of Kyndel, tributes have been pouring in from parents and people of her community. There have been testimonials to how amazing she was and how much she touched their lives in her little time on earth.

Lauren Cole Rutherford wrote:
“It all started with some Dixie tball as 5 year olds. Kyndel Gillie was the first kid Peyton wanted called when he decided he was going to start coaching a travel ball team….and I’m so thankful we did. I don’t think she will ever know truly how Peyton felt about that kid. That baby lived her life to the absolute fullest and always gave 💯 in everything she did. Spunky. Goofy. Always positive. Always a leader. Always the life of the party. Competitive as they come. Fearless. Never met a stranger. SO FUN always. Our hearts are all absolutely shattered bc we won’t get to make more memories with her but we have so many wonderful memories to hold on to forever. Softball and basketball games will never be the same. Please keep Adreanne, Terry and Cameron in your prayers in the days and years to come. #1 #gilliegirl”

Legends of The Town of Zwolle & The Ebarb Community, Noble and Blue Lake wrote:
“It is with a heavy heart this morning that I have to post this. But she will definitely be a legend in the community of Ebarb. Kyndel Gillie. Please keep her parents and loved ones in your prayers. This is definitely a tragedy and will never be forgotten. She will never be forgotten. One of the sweetest little girls you could meet. God please take care of her. We all will see her again, as she is now a beautiful angel in heaven”.