Kylie Duster Missing – What happened to Kylie Duster ?

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Kylie Duster who was declared missing from Dubuque has been found dead.

Kylie Duster a 20 year-old was said to be headed to Chicago with an unidentified Black man.

The 20 year-old was last seen on Wednesday, July 28 2021. Kylie was seen in a black BMW believed to be going to Chicago. The man whose name and identity is yet to be identified was seen on Thursday driving the car without her.

At about 9:30 pm on Thursday, 29th of July Kylie’s lifeless body was found on at 635 West 11th Street after a search was conducted by the Dubuque Police Department.

Jessica Thibadeau said on a Facebook post “She was free spirited and was loved by everyone she crossed paths with. I can’t understand why but I know for damn sure justice will be served. We have made so many great memories that I will cherish forever but this life will not be the same without you!.”

Rachael Theisen Kylie’s friend wrote on a Facebook post “I love you so so so so much Kylie Duster. My rock, the one I’d call for advice and you’d call me for the same. Call me just to tell me you miss me or just those car rides you’d take alone and call me just to say nothing at all. Thank you for taking me to my dr appointments in Iowa city and always caring about my well-being. Thank you for being my friend. I love you for infinity.”

Anyone with information that can help solve the murder of Kylie Duster should call 911.