Kortne Stouffer missing – Kortne Stouffer Update 2021 – Disappearance

Kortne Stouffer missing – 21 years after the disappearance of Kortne Stouffer, her family is still hoping to get justice for her.

The mysteries surrounding the disappearance of Kortne Stouffer from her Main Street apartment in Palmyra, at the age of 21, have still not been unraveled, and the quest for justice has not dried from the minds of her family as they keep hoping answers will come for their many questions.

She was reported missing on Wednesday, July 29, 2012, when she failed to meet up with her family at Lebanon Area Fair, according to her mother Wendy Stouffer Hammel.

What happened to Kortne Stouffer?

The caring mother who didn’t see her daughter at the family reunion decided to check on her and found her dog barking, the television on, and the air conditioner running with her keys and phone still there, and she was no where to be found. This creepy sight is the worse nightmare of every parent.

Search started almost immediately, but lasted for  years without tangible answers until friend of Kortne spoke up 2 years later to the father of Stouffer,  Scott Stouffer that his daughter’s body was thrown into Memorial Lake, which is about 12 miles from where Stouffer was last seen. This was devastating but they at least got a lead and divers were contacted to search the Lake. The search lasted for quit some time but her body was never found.

The grieving family do perform a memorial every year, hoping they will get answers and they created a Facebook page titled “Kortne-Stouffer – Remember Me” which brings update on the case.

Social media reaction to Kortne Stouffer’s Disappearance

The sad news of her disappearance keeps evoking pain, pity, empathy, and sympathy in the hearts of friends family, and well wishers and they usually express their selves on social media. Some of the posts we got are:

Kourtne Stouffer- Remember me Facebook page said, “It’s been almost 10 years since we did Tie Dye shirts that said Kortne Come Home.
We still want Kortne home and never forgotten. With that being said, in the next 2 to 3 weeks we will be launching a non-profit KORTNE Remember Me collection which includes NewTie Dye Apparel.
You can get updates of when it will launch from the Kortne Stouffer Remember Me Facebook page. Click on www.CrabbyWaterDesigns.com
to order T-shirts, Crewnecks, Hoodies and Long Sleeve Shirts. (Custom Made)With the new logo that says Kortne Remember Me and a Peace sign in the middle.
Visit the Kortne Stouffer Remember Me Facebook page for updates

Steve Whiskeyman said on a post on Facebook, “I went to LVC, just down the road. She would have been a freshman when I was a senior. Now that I have a two year old it kills me to think of the suffering her absence must bring you guys on the daily. The bastard(s) who know something need to come forward and give you peace.”

Barbara Israel another user said, “It’s every parents worst nightmare. It is on Disappeared right now.. Hard to watch…I hope and pray there is closure for you all one day…”

Chrissy Chrissy another user said, “Something’s got to give!! WHERE is our girl at?? Somebody needs to speak, somebody needs to say something!! There’s somebody out there that knows somebody that knows something!!! #SPEAKUP.”

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